Tuesday 18:30-20:00 : Improv in English for beginners


Schedule: Thursday 18:30-20:00

Level : Beginners

Place : to define

Teacher :

Romain Jacques

Class description: In this class you will learn the fundamentals of improvisation like listening, supporting each other, accepting an idea and building a story on it, and most importantly, fun! You will gain confidence in your own abilities, play characters, act instead of talking and all of this in a healthy environment favorising a team spirit.

Six sessions: 24.9, 1.10, 8.10, 29.10, 5.11, 12.11

Romain Jacques has been performing and teaching improvisation since 2014. He has co-founded many improv troups like « Impro Bankize », « Un & Dos » and « Improvised Tarantino ». He was selected to take part in « Le bouquet » (an elite comedysport troup based in Geneva) in 2018/2019. He’s been doing improv mainly in Geneva but also went performing in other countries like France, Belgium, Algeria, Denmark, Ireland and the United States. In 2018 he went to the iO theater in Chicago to take a five week intensive improv class. He started teaching at the Improvisation’s Federation from Geneva (FIG) in 2015, in 2016 he became a teacher at the « laituge » and in 2018 joined the teaching staff of Impro suisse.

Conditions: Please note that you have the right to a trial class. This test course is not free but it is without obligation. If you decide not to continue at the end of the trial class, you will not have to pay anything. On the other hand, from the second course or as soon as you confirm, the quarter is due. There is no pro rata calculation of courses taken except in case of late arrival and in agreement with the teacher. Registration for the trimesters of the courses is automatically renewed, you have until one month before the end of the previous quarter to unsubscribe otherwise you will be considered as registered and the registration fee will be due.

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Tuesday 18:30-20:00 : Improv in English for beginners - automne-2019 Automne 2019 CHF185.00
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Informations :
– For beginners
– 6 – 13 participants
– Price: 185.-
– Thursday 18:30-20:00
– Place: to define

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